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Castle in USA Today!

 So I opened USA Today this morning, and lo and behold! On the Life/Weekend section's front page, there is a huge picture of Beckett and Castle! The article is about DVR-ing only the TV shows that are "essentials".. and Castle is one of them!! 

Here's the blurb: 

The Essentials 

Castle. In a sea of procedurals, none has been more enjoyable this season than Castle, which seems to have landed on one of those sweet spots where everything clicks. The plots have been interesting, with enough twists to keep you involved without so many as to lose you or leave you feeling cheated. The romantic tension between Castle and Beckett has been palpable without overwhelming the show. And the banter has been clever without becoming intrusive. (Castle on his s'mores omelet creation: "It's kind of like David Hasselhoff. First you're repulsed, the strangely drawn in.") 

Much of the credit goes to the charming star, Nathan Fillion, who has created one of the most appealing characters (and best fathers) on TV. But this Castle is more than just its king: The whole cast sparkles, from work to home. 

Yayyyy!! :) 

Fic: "The After Part"

Title: "The After Part"
Word Count: 1,070
Prompt: written for evraealtana for Castleland's birthday week! :)  
Spoilers: None/AU
Rating: T
Characters: Ryan, Esposito, Beckett, Castle 
Summary: "The funny thing about getting shot is the after part." 
Author's Note: Written in second person through Ryan, because I'm kind of obsessed with that perspective right now. 

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Double Drabble: "Redo"

Title: "Redo" 
Betaevraealtana who is lovely :) 
Prompt: from Castleland- "Write a drabble that starts off with an event from the show and change the end result of that scene." 
Spoilers: TickTickTick/Boom
Rating: PG
Characters: Castle/Beckett 
Summary: Because it was completely ridiculous that Castle didn't carry Beckett out of the burning building. 

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"How The Story Ends"

 A response to effie214  for the comment ficathon- it was too long, so I posted it here :) 

This is completely un-beta-ed (but will probably be beta-ed later!) and was written completely spur of the moment. I apologize for any mistakes- the words were just flying off the page for me. 

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Drabble: "The Post-Incident Evaluation"

Title: "The Post-Incident Evaluation" 
Author: TheAquamarine
Beta: Jess, who is brilliant :) 
Word Count: 100 on the dot!
Prompt: Fight (though it has little to do with it..lol) 
Spoilers: Through the Season 2 finale.
Rating: PG
Characters: the whole gang!
Summary: "Witnesses Montgomery, Ryan, Esposito, and Parish claim the victim was shot through the heart." 
Author's Note: A very unique take on the final scene of "A Deadly Game." After all, these guys are cops.


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Drabble: "The Fallout"

Title: "The Fallout" 
Author: TheAquamarine
Word Count: 100 on the dot!
Prompt: Endings
Spoilers: Through the Season 2 finale.
Rating: G
Characters: Beckett, mentions of Castle, Montgomery, Ryan, Esposito, Lanie
Summary: "She pushes herself back inside, safe." Immediately post-finale fic.
Author's Note: Getting my feet wet in the Castle fandom. First fic! Eeep. Feedback is lovely. This starts right after the finale, as everyody reacts to what they just witnessed.


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