TheAquamarine (theaquamarine) wrote,

Double Drabble: "Redo"

Title: "Redo" 
Betaevraealtana who is lovely :) 
Prompt: from Castleland- "Write a drabble that starts off with an event from the show and change the end result of that scene." 
Spoilers: TickTickTick/Boom
Rating: PG
Characters: Castle/Beckett 
Summary: Because it was completely ridiculous that Castle didn't carry Beckett out of the burning building. 

"Can you walk?" 

Surrounded by Castle's strong embrace (and wearing nothing but his jacket), Beckett took a tentative step out of the bathtub. 

"Yeah, I thi-" 

She cut off with a loud gasp, losing her balance as her knees buckled. Castle caught her in his arms before she fell. 

"My ankle," she rasped, inhaling smoke, "I think it's broken." Cautiously, she tried to put weight on her left leg, only to recoil a moment later, hissing in pain and clinging to him all the more fiercely. 

Castle didn't hesitate; keeping his right arm around her shoulders, he scooped her up, hooking his left arm behind her knees. 

"Castle-," she began to protest even as her arms came up around his neck. 

"What are you going to do, hop on one foot?" he asked, carefully navigating a path toward the stairs. 

She started to argue, but his descent down the stairs jostled her ankle painfully. Her eyes squeezed shut as she pressed her face into where his shoulder met his neck, willing herself not to whimper.

"Besides," he whispered to distract her, "I get to tell everyone that I swept Kate Beckett off her feet." 
Tags: fandom: castle, genre: hurt/comfort, pairing: castle/beckett, type: drabble

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